Friday, July 1, 2011

Gluten-Free Whole Grain Flour Mix

For the whole wheat lover, who misses the more developed flavor of whole grains as well as the higher fiber and vitamin content in their gluten free flour mix.

Gluten Free Whole Grain Flour Mix
Whole Grain Gluten Free Flour Mix

This combination has

whole brown rice flour working as the backbone,

sweet (aka glutinous, no, not gluten) rice flour to recreate some of the structure,

sorghum flour to help develop the rounded flavor and

millet flour to recreate the ability to have a tender crumb and provides a lovely golden color.

When you make the batch, make sure to blend it thoroughly so there are no pockets of an individual flour.

Love the flavor and nutrition of whole wheat, But now you're #glutenfree Try this!

This works far better as a quartet than a solo.

You will have a lovely batch of pale brown goodness, reminiscent of whole wheat pastry flour.
If you are like me and desire to use whole flours primarily, realize that you can substitute this flour blend- by weight- for the white flour mix at any time.  The finished product will likely be a bit more dense but still tasty.
Yes, this means you need a scale.  Believe me, you will love it once you try it.
Baking by weight means you will consistently have wonderful baked goods.
I use a large Cambro container with a tight fitting lid to mix my batch,  it gives a bit of room to mix and seals tightly for storage.

Gluten-Free Whole Grain Flour Mix

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This whole grain flour mix replaces whole wheat with ease. Many of my recipes use a bit of this to round out the flavor of the flours.
gluten free whole grain flour mix from
Prep Time: 5 minute
Yield: Makes about 2 pounds of mix
300 grams organic brown rice flour
300 grams organic sorghum flour
137 grams organic sweet rice flour
200 grams organic millet flour

1. Stir together all flours till well combined
One cup of mix weighs 165 grams